What Readers Are Saying…

Thanks to all the readers who have sent me such wonderful responses to Watchers. There have been so many flooding in over the past few months that I can only include a sample of them here.

You can read more on amazon or at goodreads.com Thanks again! I love hearing from you all!

Hi, it’s Luca, you met my Mum in Waterstones, Abergavenny. She bought your book for me and you signed it: “Happy 13th Birthday!”. Your book was the largest book I’ve ever read and the fastest I’ve ever read ANYbook! I really enjoyed it, and can’t wait for the next one! It kept me wanting to read more every time, even at the end!

One of my favorite elements of the book is the way you mixed modern day life with mythical legends and history!  I would also like to say that I very much like the idea of have lots of small chapters rather than not so many longer ones. Now, in my opinion, you should stop reading this email, and get back to work!  But really, I can’t wait for the next book!  Best Wishes Luca Davies. (UK)

Just wanted to send a quick message – I am LOVING the book!!! …I haven’t enjoyed a book like this since the Harry Potter series. Blessings to you..and thank you soooo much for this wonderful book. I already can’t wait for the next one and I know I will be keeping and reading them over and over again. Holly A Petersen (USA)

Just finished reading this awesome book, it really is quite unlike any other! I love the fact that all the locations are real, and the beautiful respect and love of nature is shared from every page of this astounding author’s work with the reader. The finale…was totally unexpected and hugely satisfying. I can’t wait to see what happens next for Tilly, Zack and the Guardians! Stephen Davies.

Hi, just finished Watchers, incredible! Looking forward to The Hidden Hand! Thank you so much for entertaining me on my Summer Holiday. Claire P (UK)

Dear Essi Tolling, It’s Gráinne here (member me? We met when you came to Schull for the book signing at Whyte Books, and you went into my parents Café). I thought the book was AMAZING!!!!! And I’m not just saying this, I’ve read a lot of good books and you’re book was better than pretty much all of them! That’s a huge compliment because like I said I’ve read a LOT of really good books!!!

I thought the characters were believable, I thought the plot was outstanding….!!!! Where you get the ideas for these books is a mystery to me seeing as I can hardly come with a story after being given the plot!!  I can NOT wait for the next book to be out! And I’ve already recommended your book to like all of the kids in my year, that’s like 50 kids!! Gráinne D (IRELAND)

This is the kind of book you couldn’t put down as Tilly and Zack go on a whirlwind adventure! It’s enchanting, gruesome and breath-taking all rolled into one. I think it could be a bestseller. I 101% recommend it to anyone. Can’t wait til the next one’s out!  Emma, age 12, UK.

Hi Essi, Thankyou so much for your book it was absolutely brilliant, the mixture of mythical creatures and hi-tech inventions was genius! I can’t wait to read your next book and to find out who controlled…and what’s next for Tilly and Zack! Caitlin H (UK)

Watchers was a breath-taking book to read, I couldn’t put it down. I loved the story because it was adventurous, challenging mind-blowing and magical. I enjoyed the part where Tilly and Zack woke up Tia and where they turned invisible. I really want to read the second one. In fact I want to read the whole series, I can’t wait! 9.99 out of 10.  Miranda, age 11, UK.

Dear Essi! You have an eternal fan.. I finished reading your wonderful book yesterday – from the first page, I felt like I was coming home. Isn’t that interesting and wonderful?! Couldn’t put it down except to take care of vital needs… :o)

So many things from dragons, to England and Wales, to numbers, to the spiritual magical “unseen”, to the challenges of dark and light, has not only been a part of my own personal dreams and life, but my own awakening in who I am and what is “real” to all the illusions so many of us are currently unlearning. I’ve felt, seen, and known too many of the intangible things to ever close my eyes again. It is all real. And that is why I truly believe your works and also the works like J.K. Rowling are being presented today.

So, dear Essi, you feel like a brother, a kindred spirit.. already dear to me even though I haven’t seen your face, but I can sense it and I know your energy is on every page of your book…Your book is brilliant, real, and true. We need it because you present what humanity is up against. I can hardly wait for Volume II to be published. How many sequels are brewing in this great unfolding? Thank you again! Many blessings and beauty in your days, Essi. Triza S (USA)

I adored your book. Thank you for sharing it with the world. Momma K (USA)

“A wonderful array of characters, both human and not; a quest, a mystery and a great mix of myth, legend and magic bound together in a fascinating story. Tilly Greenway is here to stay!” – John Matthews (author of Pirates and Arthur of Albion)

Have a look at these links, or read on for more great reactions to Watchers – the book that’s fast becoming a best-seller!

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Kindle: amazon.com           Kindle: amazon.co.uk

“Be prepared to be spell-bound, mind-jogged and heart-stopped as you follow Tilly Greenway and her half/brother Zack confronting the forces of evil who are trying to tip the balance of the world towards destruction. With ancient Guardians and bejeweled dragons who cast magic with minds that can see far beyond sight, Tilly and Zack lead us into the intimacy of a deeper world than perhaps we have ever known to exist. A book for children of all ages!” Carolyn North, Author, USA.]

At last! Something as good as Harry Potter AND Lord of the Rings! I loved it, thank you for all the wonder and magic, Essi!  Please get the next one out soon!! Rebecca, UK.

Superb story! Had me on the edge of my seat! I highly recommend it and can hardly wait for the next one in the series. Carol, UK.

“Tilly Greenway” holds its own with glorious ease in the world of magic and fantasy in this first entry into the public eye. Thank you, for this fragment of the magic.  AB, age 72, Canada.

I finished the book last night and would just like to say AWESOME! I love the ending and the whole book in general especially how you weaved fantasy into the real world.  Justin V, age 13, Canada.

l was walking down Glastonbury high street in my usual daydream, l wasn’t looking in any windows, just heading home. You could say your book jumped out at me !!? Two words screamed at me, Keys/Watchers. l know those words, they mean something to me. So without hesitation l bought the book. The story as l see it is just a story, but l also see much, very much more. I look forward to Book 2.  Tina, UK.

I love Tilly. Your descriptions of time and the cosmos are the best I have ever read. Polly, Australia.

I’ve been meaning to drop you a line for a while as I have finished Tilly. N couldn’t believe how I was so wrapped up in it as I’m not a great reader – and a very slow one too. What a lovely book – how long do we have to wait for the next one please?! MF, UK.

I really enjoyed the book so you had better get the next one out soon!!! All best wishes. Tim, Spain.

I’m happy to report that I had the distinct pleasure of reading Watchers on a recent trip to Panama. I enjoyed the book a great deal. But more than that, it brought me back to areas of inquiry that I had journeyed away from over time. The deviation was warranted, but your book reminded me that I should go back to the beginning from time to time. Thank you.  I especially loved the character Llewellyn and his way of life. There are a lot of very interesting little details in those passages.  I have read a few books of this general type before (a friend is a big fan of them), but yours was far and away superior.  Again, Thank you.  Paul, USA.

Treasure the beauty of your book! It is wonderful, and your command of imagery is superb. When will the second book be ready? Persia, USA.

I am one of your older readers, 64. There is much to praise about Watchers but the most important element is the truth and what you reveal that we know is not fiction at all from …..to dragons. And speaking of dragons when I was leading a group of Swiss meditation students of mine in 2004 through crop circles we discovered a female dragon in the earth facing the Tor. We made a circle and meditated asking her to awake and arise. Then next day a snake formation appeared and by chance we were the first to arrive.  So reading “your” story brought all of this back to me.  Great job and God Speed. Peter.

Tilly has arrived and I devoured her. This was amongst the several weeks that I was doing my work for my client with the deadline!!! I could not resist her. I very much enjoyed reading her and the adventures. I like the comments on what is going on with media etc. It is so true. I love love and love unicorns and dragons and Llewellyns house. I love your definition of magic – so true. It was also beautiful for me to revisit Avebury and Glastonbury. Avebury is my favourite of the standing stones. It has such a special feel to it and I have seen faces in the stones and felt the energy of the different stones. When is the next one out?  Vicki, Australia.

Really enjoyed the book. Very well done. My wife is currently half way in and also having a good read. Film rights next? Nigel, UK

It is brilliant!!! I will dream of dragons and great Ash trees tonight…….Gaye, USA.

LOVE THIS!!Its truth, not fiction! look around us…its all happening..SO Essi Tolling THANKYOU !!! this book will help more people wake up!! WHEN will number 2 be ready? Nori, USA

I don’t think I ever thanked some one for a well written novel, but this book deserves a lot more than just thanking for. I’m looking forward for the next series. Thank you for this wonderful story and I hope half of it is untrue, because if it is our world is one hell of a scary place. Mark, USA.

Paperback amazon.co.uk      Paperback amazon.com

Kindle: amazon.com           Kindle: amazon.co.uk

Please feel free to add your comments and questions here. I’ll try to answer what I can without giving too much of the plot away!

7 thoughts on “What Readers Are Saying…

  1. Caroline says:

    Thank you for a wonderfully refreshingly different book, that not only touches on many controversial and believable activities of today ….but it brings back ancient beliefs /truths. I can’t wait to read the next one.
    I brought this book in Waterstones , Cardiff with the Mr Tolling there. I was immediately attracted to the book in the window because of the picture and the fact it was DIFFERENT, it had a feel to it. I just had to buy it and no regrets. Amazing book.

    • essitolling says:

      Hi Caroline, sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I wasn’t blogging there for a few months. Am back again now.

      Thanks so much for your comments. I’m really happy to hear you enjoyed the first book so much. Hopefully I will come back to Cardiff when Book II comes out – and maybe we’ll get a chance to meet up there?

      Very best wishes – and thanks again!
      Essi x

  2. essitolling says:

    Thank you so much, Caroline! I really like the fact that the book looks different to most others too 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be back in Cardiff next year with Book 2 and we might meet up then? Meantime, feel free to find me on Facebook if you like. Thanks again! Essi.

  3. Would you like me to review your book, it’s right in my field of expertise and would therefore interest many of my students and colleagues if I like it. I’m UK based and found out about your book through Twitter when using the #Avebury for a forthcoming tour I’m escorting there. I review books for Paradigm Shift Magazine. Regards, Joanna x

    • essitolling says:

      Hi Joanna, thanks very much for the offer and sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I’ve been working on the next books in the series and taking a break from blogging/internet. I hope the tour to Avebury went well. Such a special place. I was last there on May 5th to do some dowsing. Would love it if you would review Tilly Vol1 in Paradigm Shift Magazine (which I know well). Where would you like me to send a copy? Very best wishes, Essi x

  4. Caroline says:

    Hello Mr Tolling when will Book two be ready please?

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