About Tilly Greenway – Watchers

When dreams come true and myths are real anything can happen and it certainly does in this tale of magic, mystery and dark intrigue….

“A wonderful array of characters, both human and not; a quest, a mystery and a great mix of myth, legend and magic bound together in a fascinating story. Tilly Greenway is here to stay!” – John Matthews, best-selling author of Pirates and Arthur of Albion

Twelve-year-old Tilly Greenway has dreamed of the future for most of her past. Her disturbing dreams about the Watchers turn out to be no accident. The Guardians, a secret group who are devoted to saving the Earth have been guiding her dreams for years. Now they are calling on Tilly and her stepbrother, Zack to help stop an alien invasion.

Tilly and Zack can scarcely believe it when the Guardians tell them that a sinister shadow-government called ISIS is helping the aliens. They are even more astonished to discover that some of the Guardians are dragons. The dragons know what will stop the invasion – the powerful ME Keys. But there’s a catch. No one knows what or where they are!

Tilly and Zack set out on a quest to find the keys. It won’t be easy. The location is protected by deep magic and coded riddles. What’s more, ISIS and the aliens are tracking the children’s every move. But it is Tilly who will have to make the ultimate choice when both sides come face to face in a nail-biting showdown.

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What would happen if you blended The Da Vinci Code with Lord of the Rings, added a pinch of Eragon and a few drops of Harry Potter? Most likely you’d get Watchers!

And you might be forgiven for thinking that Watchers, the first book in the Tilly Greenway and the Secrets of the Ancient Keys series, is one of those classics that has been around forever and that somehow it’s only now you’re getting around to reading it. That’s the peculiar thing about this book: it just has a sort of presence, like it has always been there, whispering its secrets to you from the dim recesses of your book shelf.

Maybe that’s in part due to the nature of the story itself. Like the world we live in, there are many levels to this book and many parallel realities that flicker in and out of existence. Nothing is ever quite as it seems and there are wheels within wheels as the plot reveals its hidden secrets.

“The CS Lewis Narnia stories and JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series mixed in with a bit of detective and alternate history…a must read!” FantasyBookReview.co.uk

The rough story is as follows: The world is straining under the pressure of the global war against terror. In the cities, school children live in fear of knife attacks and rampant pandemics. When a flood threatens to devastate London, twelve year old Tilly Greenway and her stepbrother Zack are evacuated to a creepy manor house in Wales.

Their lives are turned (even more) upside down when they find out that the world itself is controlled by a sinister organisation called ISIS who are in league with a group of shadowy alien entities. ISIS wants nothing less than to microchip the population with nano-brains that give them complete control over every human being on the planet. And they will stop at nothing to get their way.

Tilly and Zack soon discover that they have a big part to play in thwarting ISIS’s plan. They must decipher a series of ancient riddles in order to unlock the secret locations of the mysterious ME Keys, objects of power that were hidden by an Egyptian Princess more than three thousand years ago.

“Be prepared to be spell-bound, mind-jogged and heart-stopped!”

(Carolyn North, Author)

On their journey they come across the Guardians of the Earth, a secret society committed to keeping alive the secrets of long ago. The Guardians help Tilly and Zack to locate the last twelve dragons, who are buried beneath England’s hilltops. Then they must find and activate the first ME Key.

But ISIS and the calculating Director of Terror are hot on their heels. With their department of remote-viewers, they track the children’s every movement, setting up a nail-biting finale on the peak of Glastonbury Tor…

The great thing about this book is that it has all the pace and intrigue of a Dan Brown thriller, whilst at the same time giving the reader many moments of respite (and humour) in quiet scenes that take the reader into the heart and soul of the countryside.

Magical creatures appear from the mists of time. Sacred sites are brought to life in ways that make them relevant for the modern reader and the real beauty of the world becomes a vital presence in the book, giving the children a deeper understanding of what it is they are fighting for.

Rarely does a book live up to its billing, but Watchers really is the exception to the rule. And the great thing is that the landscape of Tilly Greenway is real. You can visit every location (well, except for the scary ones, maybe)!

If you like epic fantasy, magic and myth, suspense-filled thrillers, or X-Files-type conspiracy stories…this is the book for you!

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