Waterstones Book-Signing Events with Essi Tolling, Autumn 2012

With the Reynolds family at Camberley Waterstones

This autumn I am doing tour of Waterstones bookstores, signing copies of Watchers. It’s been a busy programme, with signings every weekend since the middle of August! I love doing these events: such a great way to meet readers, chat about their favourite books – and, of course, to have a browse around the shelves myself too!

Bookshops are just such fantastic places. I know the market for kindle and e-book sales is rocketing and more and more people are buying online, but nothing can replace the excitement of heading into a real store. It’s a whole different experience to shopping on the Internet. Something unexpected often catches the eye in a way that simply can’t happen unless you’re surrounded by the books themselves. If you’re seeking inspiration you can ask for help from the staff, who often suggest titles you’ve never even heard of. And then there is the simple pleasure of reaching out, opening a book, feeling the paper as you thumb the pages, smelling its unique smell, as you let the words take you off to another place…

That first page is always the one that does it for me!

Don’t get me wrong: I welcome the surge in e-book sales. More people reading more books has to be good news, and I have a hunch that many people who read the electronic versions will go on to buy physical books too. But there will always be a special place in my heart for bookstores, much as I prefer reading from the page rather than the screen.

Maybe it is because it’s a social thing? Although we hunt for titles in our own little “bubble”, when we are in bookstores we share the space with others who love reading – whereas shopping online is a solo experience.

If you enjoy visiting bookstores as much as I do – and if you’d like to meet me sometime soon – you can find me in the following Waterstones stores over the coming weeks:

Saturday November 3rd: Waterstones Trowbridge

Saturday November 10th: Waterstones Bristol Galleries

Saturday November 17th: Waterstones Hereford

Sunday November 25th: Waterstones Southampton West Quay

Saturday December 15th: Waterstones Swindon

All signings are between approximately noon and 3pm. Do come along and say hello. I’d love the chance to meet you!

With Sue Brooks at Cardiff Waterstones

3 thoughts on “Waterstones Book-Signing Events with Essi Tolling, Autumn 2012

  1. I love the bookstore experience, too. There’s nothing like browsing the sections I love and our own version of Waterstones, (McNally Robinson Booksellers) is so much friendlier and homier than its box-store competitor, Chapters. As I perused your signing dates, I noticed we will be book signing in different countries together on the 17th and 25th! I wish you luck with your book sales and hope you have fun. 🙂

  2. claire priddle says:

    Hi Essi, yes i love bookshops especialy old ones i love the smell and aroma. Will you be comming too plymouth any time? Don’t forget you owe me a signed copy!
    Looking forward too it.

  3. Gaye Abbott says:

    Great pictures Essi! I will never give up my bookstore experiences – the smell, feel, colors, textures and the absolute delight I derive from perusing the shelves…PLUS the magic that happens when that perfect book practically falls from the shelves into my hands or I strike up a conversation with someone who turns me on to an entirely new find! Continue having FUN and may book sales soar! (and a movie be in the making!)

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