Deep in the Countryside…

“Deep in the countryside, something remarkable was happening. A bright light was pulsing in a chamber hidden inside a hill. It rippled and shimmered, filling leaf and branch and root and twig. It gleamed and sparkled in the waters of a fountain that rose and fell beneath the outstretched arms of an enormous oak. Unseen, but not unfelt, the bright light hosted magic of the deepest sort.”

So begins the tale of Tilly Greenway and the Secrets of the Ancient Keys.

Watch out for magic. It’s lurking everywhere, hidden inside every nook and cranny, waiting to pop out and surprise you!

The Cathars believed that to sit beneath an Oak Tree was therapeutic, especially for people with psychological “issues”. Now that we’re beginning to catch up with things our ancestors knew all too well, we know that simply thinking of a plant lowers blood pressure and helps relax the brain. Magic, mysticism and science are once again walking hand in hand.

Here is a Winter Oak Tree for you, bringing a bit of magic of its own…

Best Wishes,


Winter Oak

Watchers is Now on Kindle!

To mark the last full moon of 2011, I would like to thank all those who have made the production of Watchers, the first book in the Tilly Greenway series, a possibility. This time last year, it was still just a dream. 8 months after publication, we’re already on our third print-run and now we have released a Kindle edition too – just in time for Christmas!

Here is the link:

Tilly on Kindle

Tilly on Kindle

Thanks to all of you who have helped Tilly and Zack along the way, especially those of you who took the time to put up a review on Amazon, or to mention the book on your Facebook pages. I really appreciate it.

Special thanks too to my publishers, Katy Press, for believing in the project and giving Tilly a chance to set forth on her adventures so wonderfully!