Fantastic Foxes – Part 1

Not far from where I live, a road leads up a steep hill. Beech and Sycamore trees reach over it. I call it “The Cathedral”. Every time I walk or drive down it, excitement tingles in my fingertips.

The Cathedral

Leading off into the woods is an old path. It’s my favourite of the paths nearby, perhaps because I’ve never met another human being on it!

The old path through the woods.

The other day, however, I did meet someone. Or rather several someones.None of them were human, but they all brought a smile to my face.

Here are two of them.

Two young fox cubs, no more than a few weeks old.

As soon as I saw them, I crouched low to the ground. These were no tame town-foxes, but wild things, wary of the wind itself.

Unaware of me, they played together, chasing each other around and having mock-wrestling matches. (You can just make out the second one here, being pounced-on by the first!)

They soon got tired and for a while they rested in the sun.

Then it was time for a bit of foraging…

…finding tasty things in amongst the leaves.

One of them then headed up the bank and lay snoozing in a patch of sunlight.

Here he is again, just waking up!

The other cub pottered off down the old path…

…before returning again for a last hello.

Then they both disappeared into their Earth.

All in all, I had watched them for twenty minutes or more. What a wonderful surprise that was! There was more to come, too, but we’ll save that for next time…

Enjoy your weekend.


An Early Easter-Puzzle…

We’re in the middle of the Celtic Willow-Month and soon I’ll be writing a post about Willow Tree Magic, but ahead of that here’s a teaser for you: can you tell me what is feeding on the pollen of this Goat Willow?

The first person to give me the correct answer will receive a free signed copy of Watchers, Book One of the Tilly Greenway and the Secrets of the Ancient Keys series.

You can let me know via Facebook, or via the comments section here. Get your answers in soon and your prize should reach you in time for Easter. Good luck!

Who’s that Living in the Trees?

If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise…some of the trees have faces in, with noses, mouths and eyes!

Each species of tree has its own nature and each individual tree its particular character and spirit, but do some of them actually have creatures living within? I think they might! Have a look at some of the faces and figures I’ve seen in the woods this year and see what you think…

Here’s one of the old, mossy Beeches that fill the woods where I live.

It looks to me like the sad face of a mediaeval knight, or perhaps a Cathar healer, lamenting the changes in the world…

This one has a more elven feel to it, a gentle quality like that of a deer.

Here it is from a different angle, with an enigmatic smile:

The face of this graceful Beech is hidden by her out-stretched arms…

This Oak tree definitely has a wart-hoggy aspect to it!

And is it just me, or is there a swan here, its neck and wings rising from the stump of an old Sallow?

Last but not least, surely that’s an Ent approaching from behind the shining Silver Birch?

Who knows, perhaps after the witching-hour all sorts of folks emerge from their homes in the trees to dance in the moonlit glades?

If you have taken any photographs of trees that have the faces of humans – or other creatures – in them, why not drop me a line and we can start a collection?

With best wishes!