Olympic Ceremony Features Scene from Watchers!

The iconic image of Glastonbury Tor in
Meraylah Allwood’s illustration from “Watchers”

As regular readers will have gathered, I’m not blogging as much at the moment. This is because I’ve headed back to Ireland in order to put the finishing touches to Book 2 of the Tilly Greenway series, The Hidden Hand. But, when a reader contacted me on Facebook to let me know that the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics is going to feature a scene from Book 1, Watchers…well, I just HAD to say something!

The full account of Danny Boyle’s lavish ceremony, scheduled to be staged on Friday fortnight, was published in The Daily Mail last week.

According to this report in the Daily Mail:

The set will include a recreation of the Glastonbury Thor [sic] and an enormous fake tree, which will appear in the first scene, entitled ‘green and pleasant land’

Have a look at this link and you’ll see that the centrepiece of the set for Boyle’s “Rural England” is none other than Glastonbury Tor, the famous landmark in the West Country that has drawn pilgrims to it for hundreds if not thousands of years.

And yet, it is not the Tor as you would know it, because the iconic image of the conical hill with the striking outline of St Michael’s Tower on its peak has been replaced by a Tor that now has a tree at its top. Nothing remarkable in that, you might say: except for the fact that this exact thing happens in a key scene from Watchers, the first book of the Tilly Greenway series.

Without giving too much away for those of you who have not yet read the book, here is the paragraph that describes the event:

“Up thrust the tree in a mass of flickering silver and grey. At first its slender trunk grew inside the walls of the tower, but as it got taller its branches pushed outwards, cracking the tower to pieces. The top stones fell first, cascading away down the Tor. Then the rest gave way until even the foundation stones, deep-set and strong, fractured and crumbled to dust.

“In an instant the tower had gone and there in its place stood a majestic tree.”

The arrival of the tree on top of the Tor is pivotal to the Tilly Greenway story in many ways. It is an Ash Tree with good reason.

To the druids, the Ash symbolised the gateway from the subconscious (which was represented by the “nemeton” or “oak-grove”) to the conscious mind. With the appearance of the tree at the top of the Tor, a portal for the awakening of sacred knowledge is created. This forms a pathway along which this sacred knowledge can travel, from our subconscious into our conscious minds, where we can act on it more deliberately.

From what I can see of the Olympic version, Boyle appears to have used an Oak, or perhaps it is a Thorn. Time shall tell on that and I’ll let you know the significance of his choice.

What fascinates me about this is that, having researched the imagery and symbolism used in public ceremonies, I know that nothing is chosen without specific reasons. These are occasions when millions of people tune-in and they are used to broadcast specific messages – messages that speak directly to our subconscious minds. (Bearing in mind that the subconscious part of our minds sees images on television as real, understands all archetypes and forgets NOTHING.)

So, my question is this: did Danny Boyle read Watchers before he planned the Olympic Opening Ceremony? If he did, I can understand why he might have replaced the tower with a tree. If he didn’t, perhaps one of his friends had read the book? The only other explanation I have been given is that the tower has religious connotations and that Boyle did not wish to “offend” anyone by including it. In which case, why bother with the Tor at all? Why not just a regular hill, surrounded by England’s green and pleasant fields?

As so often with coordinated public events, there is more to this than meets the eye at first glance. I’ll almost certainly revisit it once I know more. For now, all I can say is that whilst much of Tilly is prophetic (written through visions that I have in my dreams) I had not foreseen this episode!

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If you’d like to listen to me reading the prologue to Watchers, you’ll find it amongst several Youtube pieces here.

Until next time – my best wishes!



6 thoughts on “Olympic Ceremony Features Scene from Watchers!

  1. Helen says:

    What a wonderful example of synchronicity. We know there’s no such thing as co-incidence. Danny Boyle is a creative genius so perhaps you are both operating at a very high frequency, tuned into the same channel at least, where you’re sharing inspirations through monadic/causal body/ashramic downloads . . ??!! Either way you’re both in sych Essi and the symbolic power of this ceremony is not, as you suggest, to be underestimated:)

    • essitolling says:

      Yes, it will be really interesting to see the whole ceremony. At the moment we only have snippets of detail, but there are definitely going to be pyramids along with the rural theme. I shall sit on the fence about the underlying intent of the images used until I’ve had a chance to watch the event unfold. Like you, I hope Danny Boyle is tapping into the same ancient knowledge, love of the land and hidden history that prompted me to take up the pen and write the Tilly series. Will the ceremony be one of light or shadow? Given the darker performances at recent “big events”, I’m skeptical…but I’d love to be proved wrong!

  2. That is very cool and very puzzling, as you said. The motivation for putting the tree on top of the hill has not been revealed. It would be exciting if they referenced Tilly as the reason. 🙂

    Hope you find your time in Ireland inspiring and productive! 🙂

    • essitolling says:

      It would be REALLY exciting if they did that! I really do wonder how else anyone could have “come up with” the image…

      My guess is that they’ll go down the “it’s a religious thing” route (England has become so PC these days that you can’t say boo to a goose – especially if you are talking about a piece of “British” heritage – bearing in mind the word “British” was deemed racist by a government committee just a few years ago). The powers that be are forever bending over backwards to accommodate minorities, at the expense of the majority. Freedom of speech/belief is a thing of the past in the UK.

      If they do this my question is simple: why the Tor? Why not just a hill? The answer can only be because the Tor has spiritual significance for many hundreds of thousands of people, over many centuries.

      Bear in mind that it is St Michael’s Tower at the top…with all that this particular saint signifies…

      There is great significance in the choice of tree. If it is an OAK, you can be sure that something subliminal is going on…(which of course it always is, but this would be a “signpost”). That doesn’t mean it has to be sinister. Subliminal messaging can be as positive as overt comment, but I have my concerns. When millions of people are tuned into something like this, it provides an ideal opportunity to use their heightened emotional state and COMBINED attention to a specific end/effect. Ritual gains power with the numbers involved (whether those involved in it are aware of its meanings or not). Let’s hope it is a ritual for enlightenment…

      Thanks for the good wishes on the writing! South-west Ireland is perhaps the most “creative” place I know…plenty of artists, musicians, sculptors and writers choose to live here. The Hidden Hand is coming along leaps and bounds…to use a strange mix of images! 🙂

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