The Nature of Beauty

We tend not to think of flies as being beautiful, even though we know they’re essential, but perhaps that’s because of the context we associate them with? Have a look at these fellows and see what you think…

4 thoughts on “The Nature of Beauty

  1. Thank you Essi, these are lovely, & thanks for Tilly Greenway too! I have just finished Watchers, which I bought in Glastonbury & brought home to Australia. Now I’m looking forward to your next book! X

  2. essitolling says:

    Hi Marigold, lovely to hear from you and really wonderful to hear that you enjoyed Tilly’s first adventure. Thank you. Glastonbury is a perfect place to buy the book – I hope it was one of the signed copies 🙂 The Hidden Hand will be out next year, late-spring/early summer. Let me know if/when you are planning another trip to the UK – we might meet up if you do? Best wishes, and thanks again, Essi.

  3. What a different perspective on flies! The green iridescence of their bodies reminds me of G’Kar’s costumes in Babylon 5. (Did you see this American scifi series? I’m not sure it’s available in Britain.) Anyway, fascinating pictures. You must have tremendous patience to sneak up on the insects like that! 🙂

  4. essitolling says:

    I’ve never seen that series, no. Then again, I’m not a great TV-viewer…as to patience, well, maybe I’m getting better at that as time passes, but only with some things! With insects (as with a lot of nature) I find the best way is to wait for them to come to you, so it’s really a case of finding a good “sitting point”, getting comfortable and then watching what unfolds…

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