School Visits and Book-Signings

It’s been a really busy time recently, including a trip across the country to Suffolk to visit some schools and do another book-signing event.

Both legs of the car-ride were through torrential rain: the kind when you can hardly see the car right in front of you. In fact, as I drove around London, the weather reminded me of the beginning of Watchers.

When we first meet Tilly she is woken by rain hammering on the roof of the Greenway’s apartment. It is the fortieth straight day of downpours and clouds hang ominously over the capital. Tilly has no idea that the rain is all part of a devious plot to microchip the population, nor that London is about to be evacuated…

I won’t spoil the story for those of you who haven’t read it yet. Let’s just say that sometimes fact and fiction shake hands and as I drove through the rain-soaked “real” world I could just as easily have been a character in the “story” 🙂

Thanks to everyone who made me so welcome at Bawdsey Primary School and Farlingaye Secondary School last week. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!

Thanks too to all the staff at the Waterstone’s store in Ipswich. Despite the wet and windy weather, we had another great day of sales and I met a lot of wonderful people.

Yet again, it was great to see so many people on the hunt for a good book (or two or three!). Who knows, maybe sales of paperbacks will actually increase on the back of kindle sales? I hope so!

Some of the staff at the Ipswich Waterstone’s

With Janine Smith, Events Manager at Ipswich Waterstone’s

3 thoughts on “School Visits and Book-Signings

  1. katypress says:

    Reblogged this on Katy Press – RELIC Press and commented:
    An update on our author Essi Tolling’s latest book signings and school visits…

  2. Glad the school readings went well. I love reaching out to my target audience like that, too!

    The wet weather must have been a draw for those looking to curl up with a good book (or two or three!). Great for book sales, I would imagine! 🙂

    • essitolling says:

      It’s a funny thing with book-store sales. The weather must be “not too hot and not too cold, but somewhere in between” for really good footfall: every store manager says much the same! We’ve been lucky for the most part. As for the school visits – I think this is the most rewarding element of writing, along with meeting folks who have already read our book/s. Best wishes for your writing! Essi.

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