The Answer to the Riddle…

In my last post I asked you to identify this creature, which I saw feeding on the catkins of a Willow last week:

The correct answer was…

…a Peacock Butterfly!

I watched it for some time as it moved from catkin…

…to catkin.

Then it flew to the ground at my feet and perched on an old oak leaf in the grass, sunning itself for a while before flying away again.

Congratulations (and a signed copy of Tilly) go to Peapod Pixie, who was first to correctly identify it!

3 thoughts on “The Answer to the Riddle…

  1. Wow! It sure is beautiful! I don’t think I’ve seen one like it in these parts. Maybe once the local zoo finishes construction of their new butterfly house, I will get to see one up close. 🙂

    • essitolling says:

      Do you have other sorts of butterfly locally? There are lots here, but most of them not out and about for a wee while yet.

      • According to our local nature museum, Living Prairie (, we have 155 species of butterflies including Monarchs, Swallowtails, Cabbage Whites, American Coppers, Silvery Blues, Banded Hairstreaks, Milbert’s Tortoiseshells, just to name a few. I doubt any will arrive here in the near future since very few insects have emerged, yet. During the next few weeks is the rare period of time when we can open doors and windows without the need for screens to keep out the bugs, especially those pesky mosquitoes! Mind you, last year we saw only a few, which is VERY unusual! 🙂

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