Thanks to Waterstone’s!

The last few weekends have been great fun, visiting a number of Waterstone’s bookstores to do signings for Watchers. I don’t have photos of all of the events, but here are a couple from the latest two, in Abergavenny and Hereford.

Special thanks to Angela and Bethan for making me so welcome – and to Peter and Sam for the teas!

I’m always so impressed with the staff at the Waterstone’s stores. It’s really great to meet people who are so obviously passionate about books. I have no idea how they can remember so much about so many different titles, but it makes the whole experience of hunting for a good read so much more fun.

So, if you’re wondering what to buy someone this Easter, why not pop into a store near you and pick up a book you think they’ll enjoy? Chocolate bunnies are delicious, but gone in a flash (in my household anyway!) whereas a book can be visited again and again…

Of course, you could go for both…a good story and a box of chocolates: oh yes, that’s pretty much heaven, in my book!

With Bethan England at Waterstones Abergavenny

With Angela Timmons at Waterstones Hereford


2 thoughts on “Thanks to Waterstone’s!

  1. Waterstone’s looks very similar to my favourite bookstore, McNally Robinson Booksellers. There is a store in Winnipeg and one in Saskatoon (Saskatchewan) and they opened a store in New York a few years ago called McNally Jackson Booksellers. Unfortunately, their Toronto store closed as did the second location here. They are friendly and helpful to local authors, just as Waterstone’s seem to be. It looks like you got a lot of support from their staff. Glad the tour went well. 🙂

  2. essitolling says:

    Hi there, yes I guess a lot of bookstores are under pressure these days, which is why it’s good to get down there and support them! Staff were fabulous with me, for sure. But they’re also really great with customers. Yep, I have a couple weeks break now for Easter, then start again on April 14th (at Waterstones Newport) before heading on to do others later in the Spring/Summer. Will keep you posted!

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