Oak Moon Message

Tonight’s full moon is the last one in 2011. In various cultures it is/was known as the Cold Moon, the Snow Moon, the Bitter Moon – but my favourite name for it is the Celtic “Oak Moon”, with it’s echoes of times past when the year-end was a transition between the time of the Oak King (summer) to that of the Holly King.

Whatever you are doing tonight, see if you can find time to look out of the window, or pop outside and look up. It will be a clear, cold night and the stars will be shining brightly: just as they have for many thousands of years. As the particles of light from those stars enter your eyes, rays that travelled all the way across the galaxy to reach you, they will become particles of you…embedded inside the miraculous vehicles with which you view the world.

We’re all history in the making!

With best wishes,


2 thoughts on “Oak Moon Message

  1. Angir says:

    Dear Essi, I am an artist and have just drawn a design of a Dryad/Weeping Willow tree spirit. Would it be alright to use your beautifully written piece about the willow tree? I would of course quote you. I can send the a photograph of my drawing with you will be most welcome to use on your website.

    • essitolling says:

      Hi Angie, so sorry for long delay in replying. Yes, of course, that’s fine. Thanks so much. Do let me know if you have already posted and do send me a copy of your drawing!

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